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For the past decade I have devoted myself to the extensive study and practice of counseling psychotherapy, neuroscience and trauma so that I could help others overcome the barriers that keep them from living the life they’ve always imagined.

Whether it’s transition, trauma, anxiety or loss – life often hands us more than we feel we can handle.  Therapy can be there to help create a path forward in a way that nothing else can.  Through greater self-awareness comes the discovery of resilience and strength that will put the pieces back together again.

If you are ready to experience the healing power of therapy you are in good company.  Far from the stigma related concept it once was, people of all walks of life have discovered that the experience of therapy leads to greater happiness, overall life satisfaction and improvement in relationships both personal and professional.

If you have been struggling with overcoming challenges in your life,
I encourage you to connect with me and so that we can begin the healing journey together.

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